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Faith at Work “Emotional Intelligence”

Hey Now Royal ☥ Nation!

Have you noticed how we seem to somehow and in someway, neglect ourselves during trying circumstances or unexpected situations? We are so busy trying to figure a way out or overthink the issue, that we forget to acknowledge how we feel. I mean REALLY living in the moment and just feeling a thing. Be it anger, sadness, frustration, anxiety, being overwhelmed, or the whole nine yards. I once read, Necessary Losses by Judith Viorst, and it helped me establish emotional intelligence unbeknownst to me! To make a long story short and bypass the psychological babble, I will say that being able to move beyond past disappointments, guilt, regret and mistakes is demanding and takes practice. It also makes living the Word of God doable.  For instance, it’s easier to forgive, to pray when I’m anxious, to look to the hills when I’m distressed, and to trust the promises of the Most High. Of course, I have provided you with a short list of new thoughts to begin exercising emotional intelligence in every area of your life.

  • It’s impossible for anyone to define you. You’re the one who gets to say who you are!

  • You were born with everything you need. You’re not missing anything.

  • Perfection is a man-made illusion. We all are beautifully imperfect.

  • The Past and the future exist in your mind. NOW is the only REAL moment.

  • Your calling in life is to fully express who you already are. Unapologetically shine your light.

  • Challenges are gifts for your growth and can unlock your full potential.

  • Forgiveness is a gift you give YOURSELF to be FREE.

  • Surrender is the gateway into sustainable inner peace. Let it go.

As you surrender to this new way of filtering through your emotions, don’t forget to reward yourself for your accomplishments. Here are a few self-care techniques to practice:

  • Sleep in

  • Create a vision board for yourself

  • Do something you’ve been putting off for a while

  • Close your eyes and Listen to music

  • Treat yourself with your favorite dessert

I am fantabulously ecstatic about the supernatural shifts happening with the Most High God's peculiar people my Sistah Queens and Brotha Kings!


Lady Shannon Whitney

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Shannon Whitney 

Host of "Unapologetic Queen Talk" and Co-Host of “Chatting With The Whitney’s” on Impact Radio USA


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