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Brave Scars

Brave Scars is a collection of inspiring poetry, taking readers on a soul journey from inner hopelessness to inner-strength and courage from above.


Overcoming Principalities


Love & Marriage I

In today’s society, Marriages are plagued by ATTACKS. Attacks on the roles of husbands and wives, finances, intimacy, sex and communication! 

LOVE & MARRIAGE Make it Last Forever is written to help couple's work through these deceptive pitfalls formed to derail the Godly institution of Marriage.


Love & Marriage II

Love & Marriage - Make it Last Forever II is a couples one-stop strategic resource book full of relatable techniques aimed at helping couples win and moreover, arouse a revolutionary vivacity for an unbreakable bond in the covenant of marriage. In this follow-up book, couples are introduced to advantages designed to help them stand together during periods of adversity in their marriage. When couples put in the work to tune-up and maintenance their marriage, the more equipped they are to make it last forever.


Plug into the Power 

What do you reach for when the vicissitudes of life start to bring you down? Who do you call on? Is there an unlimited supply of encouragement, support, power, and strength to keep you going? Are you continuously running into a brick wall? Try what has been proven and effective to turn it all around. Plug into the Power is the second book written by the Founder's of B4LM. It is geared  towards the seasoned believer.  This book is a compilation of motivational stories for the more 'seasoned believer.'


The Spell Failed - The Process of Being Pricked

THE "SPELL" FAILED - THE PROCESS OF BEING PRICKED introduces The Reverend Dr. Jacque Jackson-Doyobe’ (pronounced, do-yoo-bay) is familiar in a plethora of ways. While this book is a work of fiction, many will relate to her, causing a shift and stir from within. However, "The Spell Failed - The Process of Being Pricked" is not a story of one. Jacque Jackson-Doyobe` is a representation of many Souljah's on an exodus sent by the Most High. She is the prototype of Souljah’s who are authentically yielding before Him to deliver His message and stand before His Nation.

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The Spell Failed - The Other Side of Freedom


Talking with God Memoirs of an Unorthodox Woman

This is not your ordinary Memoir! In her first solo project, Shannon puts herself out there, becoming completely vulnerable as she composes her journey of how God freed her from her past! Shannon took a huge step of faith to tell her story, present her coping mechanisms and by confronting her past, Shannon acknowledged her choices, mistakes, healing and the God given power to destroy the yokes that had her bound.  This is a spiritual journey that will free the reader to ask questions, get answers and challenge them to no longer just exist, but to BE your most excellent self. Shannon knows your spirit will thank you, unapologetically!

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You Are What You Think Peculiar Thoughts for Peculiar People

1 Book - $13.00 USD
Set - $25.00 USD

The revelation that we are what we think is incredible! It comes down to the fact that at some point on our sojourn walk, we literally stumble upon submission, deliverance, and the knowledge that we are free, unusual and that we ALL belong to a magnificent God. The Peculiar Thought's that manifest from this awareness requires us to SEEK a direct connection to God through His Word. YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK! Peculiar Thought's for Peculiar People is a great source as a yearly devotional to help you do just that!

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Color with Ava - Coloring Ebook

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Let's Be BLUNT

$3.00 each book

Let's be BLUNT! It's time to Thrive not just Survive is a book specifically written for  young adults by the Founder's of B4LM. It takes a village to raise a child. Every parent or guardian does the best they can but often times our youth prefers to learn elsewhere.  This book is filled with blunt tips and applicable advice that reinforces what children hear at home. With fear and contention ruling out respect and humanity between our community and the officers charged to protect and serve, the authors provide the 4th and 5th amendment rights because Knowledge is Power.