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Faith At Work “Are You Still Mad?”

APRIL 30, 2017 "Are you still MAD?"

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Are you still MAD?

What a question to ask and answer? Moreover Beloveds, it is a question worth answering truthfully to yourself. Make no mistake about it, you will experience bouts of anger on this faith walk. The key is to not only manage it but overcome it by recognizing the trigger mechanisms. These triggers can range from mild twinges to fully engulfed fits of rage and emotional outbursts. For example, an adage that says, “Hindsight is twenty-twenty” makes me twitch depending on the messenger. But ain’t nobody ready for the words that will come out of my mouth if someone says, “Calm down and  breathe.” Regardless of the context. Please chuckle out loud.

I have learned to regroup quicker or exercise self-control. I may even let you know that I know better. It’s called acknowledgment. Understand, getting to that space was and is a process. Self-control is often overlooked. But once we receive the Holy Spirit, we must rely on it, lean heavily on it, and look to the Most High to quiet us. This is what our perspective should be as believers, especially for a little fox like a temporary fit of misguided anger.

Yet, for some anger does not subside. If something reminds you of what “had” happened and that makes you mad all over again regardless of where or who it comes from, you should look in the mirror and ask yourself, “For real, are you still mad?” Then remind yourself that no one has their foot on your neck. Remind yourself that whom the Son sets free is free indeed and learn that there is a responsibility side to this freedom to avoid entanglement and bondage repeatedly. Choose to forgive whether you receive an apology or not. That Part!

If you don’t manage the pestilent emotion of anger, you will cause self-inflicted and undo pain to the vessel that houses the Holy Spirit. Get to the root. Do you know why you are mad? Do you know why you are choosing to sit on the sidelines watching the “now I see it” show or the blatant actions of those who distressed you? Are you angry because you want to do something but can’t? Why? Why do you want to see if you can fix it or revenge it?

Without self-control, the emotions that ensue from entertaining these thoughts can make you bitter, a backbiter, and produce a hurt soul trying to hurt the soul that hurt you! That Part! I found out for myself that I have to talk to God about all of it. Otherwise, I would be a sociopath – no shit! Listen, only prayer changes things, including YOU.

I retell myself that nothing and no one can have emotional power over me. I constantly revisit the fact that nothing can separate me from the love of the Most High EXCEPT me. And that means I don’t need to sit around to see what happens when I release my cares to God. I trust the Most High because I am a witness He will work it out. That Part!

Doing what the Word of God says is truly an emotional test to endure as your new nature battles the old one. Knowing the Word for yourself and seeking an understanding of it to live it, far exceeds catching a case over nonsense! That Part!

Being mad at yourself or anyone else serves no purpose. As an alternative to getting mad, turn it into a learning experience. Allow the lesson to shift into a Blessing! Seize the opportunity to lift everything and everyone up in prayer. Plug into the power of the Lord and be STRONG in the power of His Might. Remember, the TRIALS on this faith walk are supposed to challenge you to grow so, from here on out, know that PEOPLE can never be the source of your anger.

Imagine me looking at you with a side-eye expression and asking, are you still mad?

As always, I love you to wholeness Beloveds!

Lady Shannon

Lady Shannon Whitney 

”Host of “Unapologetic Queen Talk”

Co-Host of “Chatting With The Whitney’s

on Impact Radio USA 


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