B4LM advocates and negotiates for our clients as well as guides them through the available options during each phase of self-publishing. We are a team that is knowledgeable of the self-publishing process. B4LM offers one on one consultation to assess their needs as well as coaching our clients because self-publishing is a very hand on approach. Therefore, the aspiring author wanting to self-publish can expect to be very instrumental as it pertains to proofing edits, often times making the necessary revisions to move forward, and proofing the final pre-print file.  We do not do the work. As an aspiring writer transitioning into a self-published author, you have to be totally engulfed in the process from start to finish. In other words, the work is not complete when your manuscript is finished, your work is complete after you have edited, revised, proofed, (repeat) and then printed.  We are competent and confident in turning a manuscript into a book and the aspiring writer into a self-published author. When you connect with B4LM you are not taking a chance on us, you are investing in yourself.


Here are some common questions potential clients usually have for B4LM. 



Do you keep my work when I email it to you?

Because B4LM guarantees our self-published authors 100% rights of their book, we DO NOT KEEP MANUSCRIPTS OR COMPLETED BOOKS (Unless we purchase a copy for our personal libraryJ).


How long does the process take?

Depending upon the services requested by the client, we have a turnaround time of approximately 4 weeks.



How does the process work? 

B4LM offers a consultation to assess the needs and present an estimated date for completion. Once the client agrees to move forward with us, we request an electronic or soft-copy of the manuscript for editing and print set-up. The authors then receive a proof to review. Once changes are complete, a final proof will need approval for print. This process takes approximately 3-4 weeks.


Is there anything that you do NOT offer?

B4LM does not do revisions of your proof and final pre-print setup. Self-publishing requires the aspiring author to be very hands on and instrumental in making sure their book materializes as envisioned.  


B4LM does not offer to sell or promote our clients work because it would cost a lot more and it this means we could not guarantee our clients maintain 100% of rights profits due them as self-published authors.


B4LM does not offer assistance in publishing magazines because they are costly and extremely time consuming.


What are your fees?

Our fees vary from client to client because no two manuscripts are the same. However, B4LM has base fees for liaison services ($150) and editing services ($85 per 100 pages).


Do you offer payment plans?

B4LM has a conventional payment method requesting one-half of cost when submitting manuscript and the balance due upon receipt of books.


Can I use my own editor and graphic designer?

Yes. We absolutely encourage it.



Are there minimums required for ordering books?

No. We encourage our clients to consider how many books they will give away to family, as well as for promotion and to accept pre-orders to determine the number of books they will need immediately.


What are the printing cost per book? 

Printing costs vary with each manuscript and that is why B4LM customizes our services to the client.













Books from B4LM Clients

"As a first time author, 

I couldn't ask for a better self publishing company. Professional, patient, sincere and reassuring are just a few words to describe Blessed 4 Life Ministries!  David and Shannon are awesome at what they do and they do it as unto the Lord!"



Author of "No More Walls - On to Destiny"


"I am so blessed that God sent Blessed 4 Life Ministries to me. I had consultations with other publishing companies that offered to help me self publish my book.  After sitting down and speaking with David and Shannon I knew without a doubt I wanted to partner with them for my first project.  They are professional, honest and on top of their game."



Author of "Unleash and Soar"

My name is Chris Glover and I am a first time author. My book, "Stepping Into Accountability; What Was I Thinking?" is a project that I am very proud of and thanks to Shannon and David Whitney, they have made my long awaited dream of becoming an author a wonderful and delightful reality. Needless to say, my book went through a multitude of edits, rewrites, additions, subtractions and sleepless nights. However, after considering several other self-publishing houses, the Lord lead me to B4LM and I only wish I had done this sooner. Their wisdom, patience and prayerful support has been invaluable and very much appreciated. Thanks to B4LM, before the end of the year, I will have not one, but two books in the public eye and will have a third in the not so distant future. I HIGHLY recommend B4LM for anyone who has a book to be published or even if you are just thinking about it, please consider Shannon and David Whitney to be your publishing partners. Their pricing is extremely reasonable and affordable and I would gladly pay more for what they have done to make my long awaited dream a reality. Not only are Shannon and David blessed for life, but if you give them your business, I assure you, you'll be blessed for life too!



Author of "Stepping Into Accountability; What Was I Thinking?"


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